Daphne 6-12 months

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Autumn tones meet baby pink to come together in a beautiful marriage of gorgeousness (apparently that's actually a word as no squiggly red line appeared?!) I'll be using it more often. Gorgeousness. Featuring Brand New with Tags top from the beautiful Bobby G. There's Wilson and Frenchy, Bonds, Bobby G, Seed, Purebaby. Daphne's got it all.

This one of a kind Daphne Bundle Contains 7 items :

1 x top (Bobby G)

1 x dress (Seed)

1 x romper (Bonds)

1 x tee (Bonds)

1 x bloomers (Wilson & Frenchy)

1 x swimsuit (Baby Gap)  

Condition: 2 x Brand New with Tags, all rest Excellent Condition

RRP $235