In the first two years of life, they will need up to 280 pieces of clothing, most of which are only worn for two to three months.

What happens to all the outgrown clothing?


Whether your baby clothes are in perfect condition or a little bit mucky we've got a place for them.


Together let's ensure we keep 100% of baby clothes out of landfill!


Time to Detox My Little Wardrobe...


Get your detox groove on and find those baby clothes that no longer fit your little one.


Separate into two bundles - pristine condition preloved and unwearable items.


Post the pristine condition items to Toddles HQ and the unwearable items to Upparel HQ to be recycled.


Receive credits to spend on Toddles as a thank you for helping us reduce wasted baby clothes.

For all of the nitty gritty have a read of our Little Wardrobe Detox or email us on with any questions!