Toddles Sustainability

Our Business Model

Our mission at Toddles is to have a positive impact on the planet. Our business model is centred around it!


Following the principles of the Circular Economy, we're keeping baby clothes in use for longer, avoiding waste, and ensuring clothes are recycled when they can no longer be worn.


We send the unwearable clothes to a company called Upparel who recycle the textiles to be made into something new again!


We're the first CLIMATE POSITIVE baby clothes company in Australia!

What does it mean to be Climate Positive?

Instead of just offsetting our emissions and becoming 'carbon neutral' we have gone a step further and reduced our emissions to almost zero, and then offset the remainder plus a whole lot more! Here's how:


🌱 By using a Carbon Neutral delivery service

🌱 Delivering local orders by bike

🌱 Switching to a renewable energy supplier at Toddles HQ

🌱 Sourcing the bulk of our preloved stock from NSW where our HQ is based

🌱 By choosing to work with Aussie brands for our past season stock




100% Compostable & Recyclable Packaging

All of our packaging is 100% Compostable or Recyclable! 


Even the stickers and sticky tape can go into the compost bin.


Our little cards that go into each order are printed on recycled card.


Our friends at Hero Packaging and Noissue make our job easier by making these amazing sustainable packaging solutions!

"Throwaway fashion culture is depleting natural resources and overfilling landfills. The single best thing we can do is consume less and reuse more."


"The linear 'Take - Make - Dispose' system is deeply flawed and can be replaced by a model in which waste does not exist as such but is food for the next cycle."

Ellen MacArthur

"By increasing the lifespan of a garment by 9 months, we can reduce its environmental footprint by 20-30%."

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