Hey Toddlers, 

I'm Lucy, the face behind Toddles and I'm on a mission to have a positive impact on the planet - and you can join me!

Even though babies are only little, they have a whopping environmental footprint. Think of all the nappies, bottles, wet wipes and clothes you buy, and that's just the start. We're taking one part of that (clothes) and giving you the chance to choose sustainable. We know it's what your babies would want if they could talk!

By offering preloved and past season stock, we're prolonging the life of baby clothes and keeping them out of landfill. Did you know that by wearing your clothes for an extra 9 months reduces their environmental footprint by around 30%?

I want Toddles to be a hassle-free way for you to shop your favourite Aussie brands at a fraction of the price, while also having a positive impact on the planet. If you like, when the clothes no longer fit your baby you can return them to us receive store credits to spend on your next bundle. We want the baby clothes industry to become circular with nothing wasted and rather everything being kept in the loop.

We need to look after our planet for our children and grandchildren - it's the only one we've got! So, if you want to save waste, save money and save the planet join me and join Toddles today. Together let's do this!