Toddles goes Climate Positive! (3 min read)

Toddles goes Climate Positive! (3 min read)

What does 'Climate Positive' mean? 

In short, it means reducing our environmental impact as much as we possibly can, and then offsetting the unavoidable emissions by investing in carbon offsetting projects. We’ve taken this a step further by offsetting more than just our footprint.  In other words, we’re proactively having a positive impact on the planet, not just cancelling out our impact! 

Here are some ways we’ve worked to ensure we leave a positive trace on the planet, right from the word go:

Sustainable Supply Chain 🧵

We source our preloved and past season stock from as close to our HQ as possible, and only partner with brands who share our sustainability values.

Efficient Freight options 🚲

We use Sendle who operate with 100% carbon neutral deliveries. If the delivery is super local we’ll even hop on a bike to deliver it!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging 📦

We use Noissue for our tissue paper and stickers - they’re made from recycled materials and are recyclable and compostable. We use Hero Packaging for our mailers, they are also compostable. Both Hero Packaging and Noissue are on a mission to make packaging more sustainable.

Green Energy Solutions 🌱

We switched to using renewable energy in our office and we’ve said goodbye to paper packing slips, saving printing energy and paper (and it means less paper clutter for our customers!)

Supporting Environmental Initiatives 💜 

Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to 1% for The Planet. With the help of hundreds of companies like Toddles, 1% for The Planet are able to support initiatives throughout the world working towards a sustainable future.

Circular Economy Principles ♻️ 

There are already more than enough baby clothes in the world to satisfy the demand, we don’t want to add to that. Our mission is to prolong the wearable life of these clothes while ensuring that none of them end up in landfill. That’s why all our bundles contain only clothes that are either preloved, or past season surplus stock from brands. If we receive clothes that are unwearable, we send them to Upparel who recycle the textiles. Nothing is wasted and everything is worn to the full extent of it’s value! 

Projects we're supporting with Trace..

We are working with Trace to invest in carbon offsetting projects throughout the world. Through these projects we’re not only helping to reduce CO2 pollution in communities across the globe, but also improving livelihoods by funding projects which help to provide clean water and sanitation. Here is a quick video of a Clean Water Project we’re supporting in Rwanda. You can read more about the projects we support on the Trace website.


How you can make a difference too... 

If you are reading this and wondering what you can do to have your own impact, Trace not only works to help businesses have a positive impact on people and the planet but they also offer individuals a chance to offset their own carbon footprint through their monthly subscription! It's so easy - just sign up on the Trace website and you can start leaving your positive Trace today! 

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