Toddles Partners With Bobby G and Acorn Kids

Toddles Partners With Bobby G and Acorn Kids

Toddles is partnering with Bobby G and Acorn Kids, two amazing brands working with us to help pioneer the way towards a Circular Economy for Baby Clothes! I literally just heard you all saying YAY in unison from here! 

What is a Circular Economy and what’s it got to do with Baby Clothes? Great question. We've done our best to explain it below. 

A Circular Economy is a way of operating where nothing gets wasted, and instead everything is kept in the 'loop'. This neat little diagram by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explains it perfectly. 


Toddles is working hard to increase clothing utilisation.  We’re doing this in two main ways. The first is by including Second Hand clothes in our bundles. The second is through partnering with amazing brands such as Bobby G and Acorn Kids to take their unsold end of season stock and ensure that it finds a new home, perhaps to one of you lovely readers! 

No matter how well a brand forecasts their inventory, they will always be left with unsold or sold out items. It is a fact of the industry. Our aim is to avoid any of this unsold stock going to waste. We also want to make your lives easier by bundling different items and brands together to make a little collection of interchangeable outfits for your little ones. 

So that means our gorgeous bundles are packed full of a mixture of Second Hand items in Excellent Condition (sort of a more trustworthy version of the facebook marketplace), and Brand New end of season stock from brands. 

The bundles are roughly 40-70% off RRP, making Toddles the sustainable, affordable, and convenient alternative to buying baby clothes! 

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