Simple Sustainable Festive Fun!

Simple Sustainable Festive Fun!

We know there are lots of sustainable festive activities out there. Lots of which look amazing but take forever and never look like the pictures. The videos make it all look so easy don’t they?! We know you’ve got little ones to entertain so we’ve done our best to pick our top decoration and activity ideas that are relatively simple to do, and that use what you’ve already got in the house. We also snuck in a recipe at the end for good measure. Let’s avoid that mountain of festive waste by choosing sustainable alternatives this year! 

Totally crackers! 

Homemade Christmas Crackers

Not only do these crackers look incredibly easy to make, but they are also zero waste and can be made using what you already have at home. Okay you might not have double sided sticky tape but I’m not convinced this is actually a necessary component to these - the string should do the job! They look a lot nicer than shiny crackers too. Make them here. 


That’s a wrap 

Newspaper Christmas Wrapping Paper

This one isn’t from a snazzy blog, this is just an old family tradition. My Dad has always wrapped our Christmas gifts in the Financial Times. We used to think that was a bit weird, but I take it all back now! Why not wrap your presents in your favourite publication - can your family guess which are yours?! They actually look really neat under the tree. You could also give the Japanese wrapping tradition a go. Use whatever fabric you have at home! 


Deck the halls 

Dried Orange Festive Decorations

I made these gorgeous dried orange decorations last year and they didn’t disappoint. Even better is the fact that they will make your home smell of orange and cinnamon for days. Mmmmm. If you’re not up for making these, grab a few oranges and some cloves and make pretty patterns by sticking the cloves in the orange skin. 


Rudolph the red nose cork deer

 Crafty Cork Reindeer

All you need for these is a couple of corks (wine may need to be consumed in the making of these) and some twigs. Jazz up your little reindeer with a shiny red nose - a little cranberry could do the trick! Also while I was looking for the perfect cork reindeer I did spot a cork dachshund which was equally adorable! 

“Oh bring us some figgy pudding, we won’t go until we get some”

Festive Oreo Christmas Pudding Biscuits

If the idea of cooking intricately decorated gingerbread biscuits from scratch fills you with dread then look at these! The simplest crowd pleaser ever. It’s literally an Oreo dunked in white choc, with a spot of artistic holy and you’ve got yourself a Christmas pudding. A great one to do with the little ones! 


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