Toddles Baby Clothes Recycling Initiative

Toddles Baby Clothes Recycling Initiative



In the first two years of life, babies need up to 280 pieces of clothing, most of which are only worn for two to three months.

We're on a mission to help prolong the life of these baby clothes and avoid them going to landfill.

Do you have amazing condition baby clothes sat in boxes in around your home? What if there was a way to declutter your home and be rewarded for it?

Well, you can send them to us and receive credits to spend on our website! See details of our Little Wardrobe Detox

Do you have dirty unwearable baby clothes with stains and chewed cuffs - who doesn't?! We've partnered with textile recyclers Upparel to offer you a way to recycle them. Head to their website to book your recycling slot! And you'll receive $25 credit to spend on Toddles. 

Help us to create a circular economy model for baby clothes by keeping them in a closed loop system and avoiding anything ending up in landfill. 

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