How Toddles is shaking up the baby clothes industry

How Toddles is shaking up the baby clothes industry

Toddles is on a mission to change the baby clothes industry for the better, and you're here to change it with us!

Imagine if you were part of the generation who helped turn things around for the better! Good news is you can start today by changing the way you shop for your little ones.

By choosing zero waste baby clothes bundles from Toddles you're helping in lots of ways. We've listed a few (we like lists):

1. You are avoiding the need for new clothes to be made. Every time a garment is made it uses up vital resources that we desperately need to conserve for future generations.

2. You are helping us more towards a circular economy model where nothing is wasted and instead it is kept 'in the loop'.

3. You are supporting amazing organisations including 1% for the Planet who work with 1 Million Women and Thread Together.

4. You are avoiding unsold end of season stock from sitting on warehouse shelves feeling awful lonely and eventually wasting away (probably in landfill).

5. You are reducing your carbon footprint by choosing a climate positive company - Toddles has offset 1,000 tonnes more carbon than it emits. 

Our bundles contain mainly Brand New End of Season stock from our amazing brand partners Bobby G, Purebaby, Acorn Kids and Fable and Ford as well as some Excellent Condition preloved outfits from amazing brands like Seed, Country Road, Marquise and Bardot. More exciting brand partnerships soon! 

Once you've finished with your bundle and it no longer fits, you can return it to us and receive credits to spend on your next bundle! To find out more, email us at 

In the meantime, let's make the world a better place for our children, one bundle at a time! 

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