A Life on Our Planet. The mind-blowing facts.

A Life on Our Planet. The mind-blowing facts.

If you’ve not yet watched A Life On Our Planet, find an hour this weekend. It will inspire you to search for ways to live more sustainably and truly appreciate nature.

You will learn to see the true beauty of nature, but more importantly how it is the life support machine for every human being living on planet earth. If we continue on our current track, it will no longer be able to sustain us and will become uninhabitable. Sir David Attenborough doesn’t hold back this time. In his witness statement he tells us:

"Our imprint is now truly global, our impact truly profound, our blind assault on the planet has finally come to alter the very fundamentals of the living world. Human beings have overrun the world.
We have overfished 30% of fish-stocks to critical levels. 
We cut down over 50 billion trees each year. 
By damming, polluting and over-extracting rivers and lakes we have reduced the size of freshwater populations by over 80%. 
Half of the fertile land on earth is now farm land. 
70% of the mass of birds on this planet are domestic birds, the vast majority chickens.
We account for over 1 third of the weight of mammals on earth.
A further 60% are the animals we raise to eat. 
The rest, from mice to whales make up just 4%.
This is now our planet run by human kind for human kind, there is little left for the rest of the living world."


But we can change this, and David's message is a simple one:

“Live the way you want to live, but just don’t waste. Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Look after the natural world, and the animals in it, and the plants in it too. This is their planet as well as ours.”

Over the coming weeks and months I plan to write a series of blogs helping you to make tangible changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to hear about first. Feel free to comment with ideas or you can email me directly on hello@toddles.com.au

In the meantime, make yourself a nice cup of tea, pop your feet up and have a watch of A Life On Or Planet on Netflix.


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