5 Toddles Tips For A Sustainable Wardrobe

5 Toddles Tips For A Sustainable Wardrobe

The average woman in society today wears just 20% of her wardrobe, 80% of the time, with many outfits lying idle in our wardrobes for decades. Why are we wearing so few of our clothes? And what can we do about it?   

We’ve got 5 top tips for a sustainable wardrobe. We’ll show you how to earn money from your wardrobe, save money on your clothes, and have a limitless wardrobe at your fingertips without having to buy anything! 

Fashion Blog with CoffeeIf, like me, you enjoy fashion and wearing nice clothes, you may also feel the pang of guilt I feel when I go shopping.
Fashion is one of the biggest environmental culprits contributing to climate change. The industry generates 4% of the world’s waste each year. Mountains of clothes lie idle in landfill, the making of new clothes uses up vital resources, chemical dye pollutes rivers throughout the world, and the carbon emissions resulting from manufacturing and distributing clothes is immense. 

The good news is that the trends are heading in the right direction. We’re turning our backs on cheap fast fashion and choosing instead resale and rental. You can read our thoughts on the future of fashion in our blog here

Now it’s time to have a look at how you can make a few bucks from your clothes while at the same time becoming a more environmentally conscious consumer. Follow these 5 tips to emerge on the other side with a decluttered wardrobe, a heavier wallet, and a clearer conscience. 

1. Rediscover what you already own

Take all of your clothes out of your wardrobe, lay them on the bed and then individually place them back in the wardrobe making sure all the coat-hangers are facing the same way. Next time you wear an item, put it back in with the hanger facing the opposite way. Each month have a look at the hangers and see which items you’ve not worn. Consider if you still love them, and if not pop them in the ‘resale’ pile. 

Pretty coat-hangers with a pink background

2. Find your resale platform! 

There are a few of these you can choose from. Poshmark and Depop are great if you’re up for taking pics and inputting the info yourself - Poshmark is best for your more expensive items while Depop is good for a quick sell. If you’d rather get the clothes out of your home and let someone else do the admin then Blue Spinach, Mottainai or Ekoluv are a couple of great consignment platforms. If you have lots of the same brand of clothing you’re looking to sell it’s worth searching Facebook Marketplace for relevant buy and sell groups. 

3. Rent it Out. 

Do you own a dress that you love to pieces but only wear once or twice a year? Time to rent it out! Rental clothing platforms Designerex or Rent a Dress offer you the perfect way to earn money from your wardrobe. It’s free to upload your items and it’s so easy to do. You can literally earn money from something that would be sat in your wardrobe anyway, you’ve really got nothing to lose!

5. Discover the limitless wardrobe 

Now that you’ve got a nice cleansed wardrobe, rather than fill it with new clothes and clutter it up all over again, why not discover your limitless wardrobe through the form of renting! Glamcorner is my favourite for this as they hold all the stock themselves and deal with all the cleaning. Sign up to be a member and choose three items to rent each month, or if you’ve got an event and need an occasion dress you can rent individual items on a one off basis. They have all the best aussie designers and it’s super easy. 

5. Choose 'seasonless'.

We all occasionally want to treat ourselves and that’s fine as long as we’re being conscious consumers. Ask yourself, do I truly love this item or am I buying it because it’s in the sale? Will this go with anything else in my wardrobe? Choosing seasonless items is a great way to increase wear. Can the skirt be worn with and without tights? Or could it be paired with a t-shirt or a wooly jumper? Block colours are another great way to ensure it goes with basically everything! 

Neutral Fashion Outfit in Block Colours

So time to head to your closet and get decluttering! It is satisfying, gratifying and good for the planet. What are you waiting for! 

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